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Enviroshield offers an affordable new technology:

Mold Removal - New York - ASG
Enviro-MT coatings which will not support the growth of mold regardless of moisture conditions.
Other mold prevention products are inferior to Enviro-MT because they do not breathe. Therefore they do not adhere and the anti-microbial additive eventually leaches out and once the microbial dissipates, these inferior mold preventing coatings actually become food for the mold.
Enviroshield is far superior to everything else on the market because it breathes, and breathing:
  • Allows Enviro-MT to adhere where all competitors flake or blow off.
  • Stops Enviro-MTs anti-microbial agent from leaching away
Benefits of Enviroshield:
  • Eliminates mold re-growth even if moisture is present
  • low per square foot material costs
  • Low application costs (coat your sheetrock walls-don't tear them down!) -Perfect for all commercial and residential applications
  • Moisture Tolerant / Breathable
  • Completely water-based technology. The water base of Enviro-MT allows the resin/catalyst system to bind with water in the substrate thereby becoming part of the substrate
  • Safe-virtually no VOC's (volatile organic compounds)
  • Low odor, wide range of colors
  • Easy clean-up
After we apply Enviroshield TM, all mold is gone and guaranteed not to return to any of the surfaces applied, regardless of humidity or moisture levels.